Saturday, September 11, 2010

My girl has her Boo

My girl has her Boo.
The heavens sent her. Her soul star.
And she carried her.
And brought her this far.
Soft as velvet. Sweet as honey.
Together they touch and delight -
In their new love fondue.

My girl has her Boo.
With each flutter and kiss
she whispers to her -
Of peace, and of bliss.
Perfumed flowers abound -
in their bubble surround.
And calm serenity, gently floats them, all, anew.

My girl and her Boo.
Their journey began long before.
A parcel of heartache left at each door.
This inseverable shimmer of dark, but, light-
spilt into their core.
And streaking right through them-
Hold tight.
My girl has her Boo.

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