Friday, January 18, 2013

Adieu mon LittleLAB...until...February

This week LittleLAB, a dynamic new make-up and skincare brand, said farewell to its customers at Bath's Little Southgate, before it moves its self, its products and its groove to Milsom Place. The farewell party was aided by a supposedly sophisticated, and charming French cocktail, which proved wicked; one part vodka, one part champagne and one part soda - topped off with a slice of lemon and an alarming amount of sponge fingers, which, apparently, Le Frogs use to dip into said aperitif...

LittleLAB aims to lure the gals, and the gents, out of the traditional department store setting and into its modern and cutting edge pop-up jungle. The store swathed in white with strategically placed vintage shop counters, display, in a minimal fashion, its luscious and high end brands including LA's Mud, Italy's Milkshake brand and a host of other delectable, French, LA and NYC goodies.

Dreamt up and founded by, the delightful, Kat Spreadbury who, at just 28 years old, is about to launch her second pop-up shop in Bath’s Milsom Place. Kat, who trained under the auspicious wings of Patrice Miranda – chief make-up artist to Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney – to name drop just a few of her famous clients, learnt invaluable insider knowledge, which she is now sharing with everyone who comes into LittleLAB.

In the back of the store stands a ubiquitous table, surrounded with comfortable chairs, the table-top houses many mirrors, all manner of brushes and, if its the evening, and a group of friends have booked a workshop, there will be a collection of wine glasses, a bottle or two, some tasty nibbles and plenty of giggles, all surrounding this clever and unique aspect of LittleLAB’s brand concept.

During one of the LittleLAB workshops Katherine and her trained team demonstrate how to apply make-up, how to achieve a desired look and encourage customers to re-discover their look at this innovative school, learning some essential, professional tips along the way.

“Our customers love the workshops they think it is fantastic to be in a relaxed environment, making them feel at ease and learning new tricks,” says Katherine of her workshop clients, and her tips for 2013? “Always use a lip brush to get an even application, and mix your lip glosses with your lipsticks to get a sheer finish.”  

Kat aims to make LittleLAB an experience that is laid back, friendly and without the: "dreaded sell". 

And after my night of French cocktails, hot lipstick and giggles I think she might just nail it. 

LittleLAB's second pop-up store will open on February 4th in Bath's Milsom Place.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh great post, the next pop up is the 1st of February so sooner than you think :)

January 25, 2013 at 12:39 PM  

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