Friday, October 1, 2010

Piano Grande

The old man has bought for himself an electronic piano, that is; a keyboard. I didn't know I was snobby about these things but I was like: "a bloody keyboard?".

Anyway, so it arrived this week and hell it is a beauty of a keyboard and I have totally turned the corner, changed the page and so on. It is HUGE. And it's keys are weighted to resemble an ordinary piano, it sounds as beautiful as a piano. And, well, we have been listening, online, to some LA-based American dude who, in his soft silk shirt, has been trying to describe and teach us how to play the piano. Truth is I have kind of given up already - I prefer to sing.

But each evening as I sit in bed and read the papers, catching up on three Sundays ago, I can hear, my boy, tinkling away and, actually tinkling is entirely the wrong word - because the sound is soft, melodic, pulsating and oh, so calming. It is gorgeous and has changed the entire beat of our home during these Autumnal nights, the children fall asleep listening to him practice his chords, and I feel a great sense of peace and strength listening to the undulating rhythm float along the landing - it is blissful.

But mostly I am excited about Christmas - I adore the idea of showing off and singing something super classic for folks. Of donning matching spandex outfits, creaming our barnets down across our foreheads, sipping on some eggnog before launching into, Let It Be, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, or something equally as brilliant.

I love music, I love people singing and making songs go together at the end of an evening it is bonding and it is fun, it brings laughter and tears and it strengthens your very soul.

Bring on the keyboard.

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