Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Moran Bible

"Although I've offered it all round town no-one in Wolverhampton seems remotely interested in taking my virginity, so I have concluded it's one of those things you can only get done in London - like natural looking highlights or dirty martinis. It's a specialist job..."

May I LOUDLY urge all you females out there to RUN to the bookshop and immediately purchase Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman. I have bought six copies already for various friends and if wasn't £11.99, Ebury Press, or even, buy one get one free, I would buy many, many more and give them to everyone I know.

This book is a BIBLE for women and should be read by everyone, the quote above shows just how funny and honest Moran is. But she is also incredibly ruthless in her perception of modern feminism and uncovers the fears and truths we all, as females have, but are too afraid to say out loud or even share with each other, although we all feel the same! She touches on the dark unspoken: abortion, waxing, high heels, sexism, endless self-improvement, weight loss and gain, the media in all its ugly sexist guises.

Look out for the Moran, she is without doubt an important voice and one we should all be listening too.



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