Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World Book Night - Success@!

For me reading is as important as breathing, having a stash of books by my bed is a must, so to be given a book, recommended a book is always a great pleasure, it is one of the enduring features of many of my friendships. World Book Night was created to celebrate just this, the love of reading and the importance of sharing great books.

As one of the army of 20,000 volunteers who on Saturday night was enlisted to help hand out 1,000000 books across the UK, I took to the streets of Bournemouth and also this week Bath.

A lot of people answered no to my question of do you read, as I stood clutching my book. In fact I was shocked at the sheer number of people who just do not read books. However, the folks who did after realising that I was not pushing a pseudo religious text they were genuinely very grateful and even excited.

I adored the experience and will definitely apply to be a volunteer again next year.



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