Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter to a 16 year old

Dear You,

A few words in your shell-like: I realise that your comprehension of this may be at best, vague, at worst – confused. But one must endeavour to teach you a couple of things that the old folks rather forgot to mention, highlight, underscore or possibly, just SHOUT LOUDER at you.

Number One: Take Responsibility for Yourself and
Number Two: Boys: they may look exciting, but are, in fact, Superbly Dangerous.

Taking these two points into consideration you may use them to your advantage to avoid:
A)  Deep, shameful embarrassment
B)  Wretchedness, sorrow and pain
C)   A constant feeling of guilt.

Saying this, guilt does figure rather largely in your future – so it would pay to stop worrying about the choices you make now, and in the days and years to come.

Try and let these things go, water under your bridge so to speak.

All of these choices, mistakes and, yes, possibly successes will be the making of YOU, the shaping of YOU the very OU of YOU.

So, in conclusion, I advise you, Han, to accept yourself in your entirety – yes your white, soft, wobbly stomach included.

Learn to like yourself, and your mistakes, and your choices, because, you know what? 

It turns out your not that bad after all…

Sincerely Yours

Secretary to Your Life


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