Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doff your hat gents....welcome to Worsted

"Hey - MEN out there, you want to bag yourself a laaaadddieee? Yes. Well get you tit for tat on and listen to Worsted":

"If you want to get a girl - get yourself a hat and doff your way into her heart. The Watson, for example is perfect as a cordial form of introduction, charrrrming young things will be charmed and ripe for seduction."

I had, once again, the fabulous good luck to hear Worsted on la radio - what an insanely fabulogo invention that is - this afternoon and, well, welcome to Doffing my friends.

Grab yourself the nearest tit for tat - hat - and get it on your head.

Those lines, btw, were taken straight off the fabulous jazz/latin juices of Seduction and Doffing (click and listen hear) from their album Chapology offers a wildly eccentric and very British take on how to bag yourself a chick. By raising your hat and commenting on the weather or such seemly sentiment and learning the art of behaving like an old fashioned gent you will seduce the ladies through the gentle craft of adroit allurement.

They were in Brighton last weekend and are coming to Bath for the fringe festival and performing at the Mission Theatre on Wednesday 30th May.

So grab your tit for tat and get down there - lets learn ourselves some old fashioned sophistication and a leeetle bit about the great art of seduction...

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